Whew! 400 cubic feet of STRESS

We’re now past a major hurdle in the move. Our crates came today with two amazingly talented packing professionals. IMG_4002After backing in the long trailer holding the crates, we proudly opened the garage door where we had all our packed boxes, painstakingly sealed and numbered, only to watch their eyes bulge in horror. They said, “All of THAT? Is supposed to fit in HERE???”

Pleased with myself, I showed them my fancy floor plan of how it should all fit just right. Then they informed me that the dimensions I was given were OUTSIDE measurements and we’d lose at least four inches on each side!!! Holy cow! After a few choice words to myself, I took a deep breath and told them to proceed and to do the best they could, and I would leave certain items behind.

We discussed how to proceed and the guys were amazing, even though many of our boxes weighed well over 50 pounds. Like a Minecraft game, they tightly packed the two 200cf crates. We even had a little extra room in the second crate and I quickly packaged a wall clock that I had decided not to take and we squished in some fancy-assed designer bedding that I didn’t know what to do with (maybe that will help me talk Theo into a couple of extra bedrooms—’Well, we already HAVE all this beautiful bedding…” All-in-all, we had 101 pieces.

IMG_3999Here’s what Annie thought of the day. And I was about as flat once the truck left, with my aching back and throbbing feet, my weeks and weeks of packing has finally come to an end. Whew!

P.S. Many of you have asked about the costs for using this service. We paid an extra $900 for today’s guys to get a trailer, drive the crates to our house, load the crates and return them to Brisbane. Worth EVERY penny!!!

It’s my understanding that the crates will be trucked to Los Angeles and be loaded into a 40-foot shipping container with other crates and partial loads. It’s then trucked to Charleston, SC where the container goes onto a transport ship and it’s ‘Ship Ahoy!’ After landing in England and going through customs, the crates are put on a truck and driven to our place in France. The cost for the shipping of the two 200 cubic foot containers is $5720 (terminal to door). There. Now you know.

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4 Responses to Whew! 400 cubic feet of STRESS

  1. Lucy Harendza says:

    Only you would develop an actual plan to pack up the truck! Love it! I would think that you are now in the home stretch with the packing done, the health insurance figured out, et al – not much else to do, is there? 🙂

  2. MikeyBee says:

    Congrat’s on completing all the packing, and shipping (..gawd what an effort), and packing for your flight out! It was great to spend some time w/ you folks tonight, on your last night here in the U.S. Bon Voyage, bon chance, and I expect we’ll see you at some point, hopefully sooner than later! (Sorry I don’t know that last bit in French..) — mike & donata

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      Thanks so much for that wonderful surprise!

      It’s just what our weary bodies, tired feet, and fuzzy minds needed!!!

      Au revoir!

  3. Lucy Harendza says:

    It’s July 15 and your D-Day today (departure day), and all I can think of is you four scrambling to get yourselves out of bed, packed, and at SFO on time. Lift off to Germany is less than 6 hours and I think I am as excited as you must be. This continent already misses you! Give us all a quick text shout when you land and settle in. Godspeed. -Lucy

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