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Our selfie taken by the iPad propped up on the car. Somewhere in Charente, France.

Our selfie taken by the iPad propped up on the car. Somewhere in Charente, France.

We are Cindy and Theo, entering retirement, and looking forward to the adventures that await us.

As many of you know, we have been dreaming of living as expats for some time now. Cindy closed her residential interior design and home staging business in 2012 and is our main location researcher and expedition planner! Theo is soon to be retired from many years in hi-tech.

Theo grew up in Germany, and has worked in many of the world’s capitals, but has always had a wayward bent. He came to San Francisco with almost nothing in his pocket as a manager at Phillips over 35 years ago and has never looked back. Coming to America was a dream of his that he made happen. But Theo is most comfortable with people and places nearby.

Cindy, on the other hand, is a country girl from the sticks in Colorado and quickly moved away from the snow and ice after graduating from college in 1985. She had not travelled the globe, but always longed for more. Being an art and architecture major, she has always felt the pull to experience Europe first hand.

And here we are now, globetrotting around to find the perfect places that we’d like to spend significant time in our retirement years. Even though we’re starting this blog rather late in our quest, we will catch you up in posts to come…

Join us on our joyful search!

5 Responses to About Us

  1. MEG MASTERSON says:

    Cindy and Theo!

    so looking forward to “following you” on your adventure!

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      We look forward to taking you ‘with us!’ Hope to see you and Les in France at some point when we settle down. Please keep in touch!

  2. Nancy Bartell says:

    I’m a friend of Jessica and she used to groom my briards Claire and Willow. She told me today about your blog and I’d love to be included. I’ve been to Provence ten times now and it holds a special place in my heart and mind.

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      Bonjour Nancy. I remember Claire very well—she never cared much for any of us, but she was beautiful! To receive notices of new posts, simply put your email in the box to the right and hit ‘Subscribe.’ You’ll be sent a confirmation email to join the blog (be sure to check your junk folder too). We live in the ‘other’ south of France, but we love this area. If you’re ever interested in exploring the Dordogne, we’d be happy to host. A bientôt, j’espère. Cindy

  3. Hendrik says:

    Hi Theo,

    haven’t seen you for a looooong time. What a pitty that I missed you and Cindy in Bad Godesberg, but I was travelling in France with my family. Can’t remember that you were such a good dancer, but you never should stop learning!

    Great page, great Project and for sure I will follow you on your adventure in Bordeaux!

    Cheers and hope to meet you and Cindy in the near future.


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