Theo’s First Day of the Rest of His Life

Retirement: Day 1

Retirement: Day 1

A big congratulations to my honey on his first day of retirement.

With no calls to make, no emails to check, and no weekly call with his boss, Theo wasn’t all that certain his retirement started out so great. We fly two weeks from today and I put him to work helping me in the garage, only to get sidetracked by his collection of race car books (“Look Cindy, here is a picture of me in my heyday” and “Here I am in a four-wheel drift!”) And then there were the boxes of old photos…

Well, I figured I needed to keep him distracted. Hee-hee!

Anyway, we’re down to just having a couple more boxes to pack before our allotment that will fit into the crates is gone. Time to freak out? Maybe. Tylenol PMs are helping us sleep through without the 24-hour worrymeter ticking. But we’re in pretty good shape. Tomorrow’s another day.

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  1. Paul says:

    What a great new adventure for both of you. Though thousands of miles away, you’ll always be in our thoughts.

    PS: Do you still want / need that bag? Give me a call or an email and we can figure out a way to get it to you.

    You better keep an eye on Theo, I’ve been downsizing too and I have to discipline myself that once I put something in the garage, the next stop has to be Goodwill or some other charity, otherwise it’s too easy to have it migrate abck into the house. If you find your container a bit over the limit, you might find some of those old magazines and photos hidden in a corner of the container.

    Best to both of you and congratulations,

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