We finally have a signed Compromis De Vente!!!

Our realtor was kind enough to take this pic after we turned the For Sale sign over to SOLD!

Our realtor was kind enough to take this pic after we turned the For Sale sign over to SOLD!

You don’t know how excruciating this past several weeks have been. Other than having a modem on the fritz, we have been the beneficiary of a psychotic seller who has plotted every step of the way with lies and empty promises. All I can say is, “Whew!”

We signed at the Notaire in very good faith over five weeks ago and put down earnest money for our new home, which has been on the market (unsuccessfully) for over five years.

We have been patient. We have been understanding. We have wondered WTF???

Well, now we get more of the story. The ex-wife of the poor guy that died had put in 60% when they purchased the home. The Mr. has two children that hold the other 40%. The children are from another marriage and do not speak to Ms. Ex, who prides herself on NOT cooperating with anyone. In fact, before the untimely death of the Mr., they had received an offer of almost €600,000 [almost double of what we’re paying] and this shrew refused to sign, holding up the sale of the property. Eventually a judge intervened, but it was too late…that buyer was long gone. And so it sat.

And we have been in limbo. We received an inconclusive diagnostic on the fosse septic, because they couldn’t actually figure out where the tanks were because of the overgrown state of the property. Finally a recommendation for a conforming fosse came through from the water company and a local firm prepared a proposal to bring the current system up to the mandated standard. The bid was €15,000.

Ms. Ex agreed to pay €5,000. The kids agreed to pay €5,000. And we agree to pitch in €5,000 to make the deal go through. That was two weeks ago. Somewhere along the way, Ms. Ex decided she wanted to buy a place in the south of France and wasn’t paying ANYTHING toward the septic, wanted a second proposal for the septic job, and refused to pay the realtor as well!

Well, the kids stepped up and absorbed Ms. Ex’s portion for the fosse just to get it over with and, “Surprise!” since she was no longer part of the septic equation and had given her consent for the Notaire to sign on her behalf, she was no longer in a bargaining position! Ha! The Notaire signed yesterday and now we’re in business!!!

We’re expecting the deal to be finalized two months from today, then the work can begin. And guess what? Ms. Ex is coming to town for the final signing appointment. Yeehaa!!!

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9 Responses to We finally have a signed Compromis De Vente!!!

  1. Pat Calderhead says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! A new car AND a new house! Things are moving along for you. Hope the signing appointment goes well!! Hope you are both well and the crisis in Paris hasn’t reached the countryside. Thinking about you both.

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      Indeed. This is really starting to feel like ‘home.’ And we feel very safe here. Although Bordeaux and Toulouse, our nearest large cities, are a bit more risky, we refuse to live in fear!

  2. Stewart Smith says:

    Susan and I are waiting for before and after photos! Congratulations.

    Looks like you are rural? Room for dogs and maybe livestock?

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      Oh, there will be plenty of photos along the way. We have so many decisions to make. Wish we knew a good contractor. Ha!

      Our lot is about 2.7 acres, but we’re still walk-to-town and we actually live on a ‘street’ with neighbors. Absolutely perfect. Quiet, but not isolated.

      The pups absolutely go bonkers over there, but Annie usually ends up full of stickers! And they already have doggie friends in the hood.

      Stay tuned…

  3. Donna Dawson-Schwartz says:

    Congratulations!! (well, almost anyway!) What an ordeal you had to go through just to get to this point. Almost there…!

  4. Gail and Don Bell says:

    Wow!!!!! But worth it I’m sure. How are you doing with all the stuff going on in Paris. Let us know We were all a bit worried about you

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      Our little struggles are so insignificant compared to the terrorist activities throughout the world. But we’re fairly insulated in our little paradise here. You just never know, though. We are living our lives to the fullest! Thanks for thinking of us.

  5. Bob & Maureen says:

    Tried to send you a couple of emails confidentially on Theo’s email account. Let me know if you cannot locate them.

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