There’s More to a Pool Than Water

Picked up our newest toy today—our pool robot that Theo quickly named “Nessy.”

We’re enjoying a wonderful late summer here in the Dordogne and we’re swimming every day. Our habit right now is to wait until the guys leave and plunge in shortly after 5. No midday heat, but that late searing sun that feels so good. The salt water is fantastic to swim in, and even easier for us to manage as pool neophytes.

Theo's new girlfriend, Nessy.

Theo’s new girlfriend, Nessy.

But we were accumulating some gunk on the bottom, so we called our wonderful ‘pool people’ and they ordered us a hi-tech robot in quick order. Picked it up today, assembled the cart, threw her in, and were just mesmerized by her skills. Crisis-crossing the pool, climbing the sides, eating up everything in her path. Then we swam around her cord, almost like she was our newest friend. Of course the dogs didn’t like it when she poked her head out to clean the waterline of the pool, but they quickly adjusted and figured it wasn’t going to get them.

And so, tomorrow after work, we’ve invited the guys to stay and enjoy an evening swim and some snacks. We told them we were cleaning it JUST for them! It will be nice to share the wonderful pool with such deserving chaps.

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7 Responses to There’s More to a Pool Than Water

  1. Pat Calderhead says:

    HOORAY -In time for the indian summer! I didn’t realize it was a saltwater pool. I hope Nessie keeps it clear and clean for years. Is it harder to maintain a saltwater pool – chemicals, etc.? It sounds as if everything is really coming together!
    I am in the final stages of my 3 year nightmare – the building should be finished next month, and we are in the throes of mediation with the opposing 3 defendants, vs. my insurance company and me – my out of pocket expenses to finish the project Hopefully it won’t go to trial!! Then I’ll put it on the market and stop being a landlord and really retire. Maybe after the building is sold I’ll take a break and come to see you! I have been very “confined to quarters” while this massive project has been going on, and I am stir crazy! Love to you both, and enjoy!

    • Cindy Loevenich says:

      Oh my. What a long haul! Hope it ends well, you get an eye-bleeding price for the place, and can have some peace! Hugs!!!

  2. Stewart Smith says:

    So, have you allowed Theo to turbo messy yet ?

    • Cindy Loevenich says:

      Nope. Not allowed. Slow and steady is the law with Nessy/Messy. But he does like it when I make boat motor sounds when I’m on the floatie thingy! Ha!

  3. Aluda says:

    Okay, I had stove envy, Jeff has pool cleaner envy and wants to know the brand for the pool in Maine.

    Continuing to enjoy your posts,

    • Cindy Loevenich says:

      Oh Alida, my stove comes next week. I’m so excited!!! The beast weighs 800 pounds and we have a special visit from the installers on Tuesday simply to have a plan on how to get it inside!

      This pool robot is amazing. It’s made by Maytronics and needs to be purchased from a distributor. Our Nessy was €1200. Here is the US site:

      So glad you’re following along. That stint without a proper internet connection was a painful one and so much happened during that time, I don’t even know how to catch up.

      Your entrance/garden renovation looks amazing. Hope to get to see it in person one of these days. And hoping to see you guys over here at some point. Hugs!!!

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