Our Pad in France

Just signed the contract and initiated a wire transfer to secure a house rental starting August 15, when we arrive in France. Can you hear my shoulders relax?

Our new digs starting August 15!

Our new digs starting August 15!

Renting a long-term place with two dogs via the internet has proven to be very interesting, and will probably be even MORE interesting once we see what we’ve committed to!!! I’ve spoken with the manager and she highly recommended this place over others that she manages (even her own) because it’s close to STUFF. And it’s not dead in wintertime. We have committed to stay there until at least the end of the year, with the option to continue until June, when high-season starts again and they’ll want the FULL rental price for it again. They gave us a hell of a deal and we are very excited to explore the Dordogne.

Can't wait to get into this pool on hot summer days!

Can’t wait to get into this pool on hot summer days!

Here is the link to where you can find us in the near future… http://www.maisonbleue.net/106.php

If you are looking for a long-term rental, I found my favorites to be:

• Rent a Place in France   http://www.rentaplaceinfrance.com/

• leboncoin (France’s version of Craig’s List)   http://www.leboncoin.fr/

• French Locations   http://www.french-locations.com/

• La Maison Bleue (small choice, but where we found ours)   http://www.maisonbleue.net/index_en.php

I found HomeAway/Owner’s Direct, Airbnb, and the many gite rental sites to be less useful for longer-term needs (more than a month).

We almost signed (and most certainly will keep in mind) another fantastic rental just west of Bordeaux, for an alternate living experience in the future. With room for you all to come and visit, I assure you!

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