Things are looking rosy!

Project of the moment is ALL ABOUT THE GARDEN.

My new residents are fresh in from England and enjoying a luxurious overnight bath before establishing their place in the garden.

The future home of the Le Coudeau David Austin Rose Garden.

Since we’re on the cusp of roses bursting into bloom from the recent heat wave, yet our final freeze of the year coming tomorrow, was torn between bare-root and potted roses. Once I found all the potted varieties I wanted were sold out, it was an easy decision. Asked some local experts and they thought it was absolutely fine to plant bare root until the end of April. So, whew! Saved some money and should have some really strong roses to boot!

We’re loving springtime at Le Coudeau, and with the help of our Jardin Major-Domo, Christian, we’re quickly moving along. With emphasis on getting the front beds prepared, we work every day to create a lovely entrance to the house.

Spreading the mulch before planting and irrigating. Not the way I’m used to doing it, but Christian is THE BOSS. (Yeah right!)

Even Theo’s getting into the action, even though these sacks of wood mulch are heavier than they look! Maybe if he stares at them long enough, they’ll jump off the trailer!!!

Since I’m sure you’ll all just DYING to see another picture of me, here I am in my element. The reason I fell in love with this house…the garden!

And some random springtime shots around town…

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3 Responses to Things are looking rosy!

  1. Stewart says:

    Lookin’ good! Hey where’s Theo? Hope to see him soon.

  2. Donna says:

    Hi!! Everything is coming along beautifully! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    I saw in a Facebook post that Theo is in town? Are you with him?
    I would love to see you guys!

  3. Anne Sherwood says:

    How did I miss this wonderful post last month?! You’re going to love your rose garden… a friend brought me a big vase of ‘Garden of Eden’ –a very old rose. I have ‘Graham Thomas’…a delicious deep yellow with zillions of petals.. We went to Dr. Eurs, my dentist’s home in Sequel on Mother’s Day, and he has only “old” roses, and he said he started them all from cuttings… Such a beautiful creekside garden right here in the foothills.

    The Stavelands have their home on the market, and are moving to Texas where Lowell has work. We’re going to miss them, like I miss you guys! Come visit if you get back to your old stomping grounds… You’re always welcome to stay here!!

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