The Cheapest Tile…

Went to the local Bricolage (big box home improvement store) to pick up some tiles to schlopp down on the utility room floor so the plumber can bring in the heating unit and the water softener. Found a whale of a deal on some terra cotta colored porcelain tiles for €2.99/m2, so loaded the husband and the dogs in the car and peeled off for the east side of Bergerac (the close side).



Got there, loaded two boxes of tiles (man, are they heavy!) and paid our whopping €10 bill. Then on the way out, smart-old-me spotted some ancient potted olive trees on markdown!

We ended up ordering two trees to be delivered Friday after next for I-don’t-know-where, but they seemed like a good deal at €199 per tree. And they ARE amazing.


Okay, maybe I should stay away from retail for a while. Just wanted to share another example of us laughing at ourselves. These were the most expensive “cheap tiles” one could ever buy!!!

Bon weekend!

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2 Responses to The Cheapest Tile…

  1. Paivi says:

    Please plant the olive trees in a spot that is protected from frost. You might cover them during the winter, unless you plan to move them inside.
    Winters in Dordogne can be cold: three years ago we had -20 Centigrades, if only for two days. It did a lot of damage with palm trees and some fragile fruit trees (apricots).
    PS. The tiles are nice, I am sure!!

    • says:

      I’m not looking forward to the cold snaps, but I am saving some long bamboo poles for ‘frost tents.’ I’d actually like to keep them in gigantic pots for a few years. A great addition to the future patio in front.

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