Road Trip, Days 5-8: Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum with Maman sculpture.

After enjoying the festivities in San Sebastián, it was almost a relief to arrive in the beautiful city of Bilbao. I felt I could breathe once again and really liked the heartbeat of the city.

Bilbao was such a nice surprise. As far as the Guggenheim goes, what’s not to like about titanium, limestone, and glass??? A true inspiration to me architecturally, I find it hard to put into words how it moved me. But there is so much more than than the Gugg (as the locals call it), the city is woven with beautiful belle epoch and modern architecture, married into a very compatible and comfortable combination. I loved the integration of all types of commerce, retail, services, and education throughout the center of town. We were delighted to just sit and people watch the various ages interacting. We loved our first visit to Bilbao in Basque Country.

As usual, here are some photo memories:

We saw lots of adorable dogs in Bilbao, but this one covered with pansies has to be one of my favorites, combining my love of gardening with my adoration of the West Highland Terrier.

Big government building. Beautiful!

Cindy by one of her favorite stops, the Cultural Center.

Theo at the fountain.

Casa Mondero, designed by a student of Gaudi.

Theo with a close-up of Koons’ ‘Puppy’ behind.

Theatre Arriaga

Suckin’ it in!

Me…being silly…by a fountain.

Note the ancient facade utilized with a modern glass building behind.

Tall Tree & the Eye

At the Gugg.

Another beautiful beaurocratic building.

Love the construction cover printed to look like the building.

An obligatory selfie after too many cocktails. Love this guy!


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3 Responses to Road Trip, Days 5-8: Bilbao

  1. Anna says:

    Love traveling with you! Last picture is the best! 😀

  2. Cindy Loevenich says:

    So glad you’re following along. The blog is really just our little diary of the trip, but hope it’s interesting for others as well. We are so silly and having so much fun. No real agendas, rarely get out of the hotel before noon, and just bumbling around catching the highlights and getting a ‘taste’ of the different areas.

    • Anna says:

      In my opinion that’s what enjoying life is about. Not to torture yourself to see everything, but get the spirit of the place instead. Your way of describing is so light, and funny, and entertaining that I really do feel like hanging out with you in you journey. Have fun and kiss doggies for me once you get back home.

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