Road Trip, Days 12-15: Silver Coast, Portugal

Beautiful bay in São Martinho do Porto.

We’ve enjoyed a wonderful four days of rest and relaxation in our  friends’ house in Rebelos, Portugal. We thank them for their generosity in allowing us to stay in their beautiful new home on the Silver Coast while they were away! With their recommendations, we enjoyed the local sights and restaurants. It is a beautiful part of Portugal and the weather was kind with lots of sun and high temperatures.

Valley view from the house.

We even hit a huge flea market when we got to town!

This impressive monastery in Alcobaça was founded in 1153!

Theo dreaming of becoming a famous surfer at Nazaré, where huge waves up to 78 feet high form due to the presence of an underwater canyon! (Just kidding about Theo…he was just thrilled to find a €2 hat!)

Vintage fishing boat ‘museum’ on the beach!

Another amazing Portuguese cobblestone walkway (and my shadow).

Our friend along the road, who we quickly named Petra, was a happy recipient of leftover apples and carrots.

It was too cold and windy to linger, but we made a short visit to the HUGE medieval fortress in Óbidos.

Love the Dão wines, this one because it had a cute owl on it!

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2 Responses to Road Trip, Days 12-15: Silver Coast, Portugal

  1. Paivi Louvel says:

    So glad you found my donkey friends!! P

    • says:

      When we were leaving, we left her more leftover apples and carrots. She recognized me and gave me a big delighted HEE-HAW! Loved it!!!

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