Our First Visitors

IMG_1529We welcomed our first visitors this weekend—friends that we met in Saintes, France last fall (and who visited us at the beach in California in January), Cecile, Nigel, and the adorable 4-year-old twins, Claire and Gabrielle. Between some rain showers, we enjoyed swimming in the pool, some great meals together and simply getting caught up and laughing out loud!!!

IMG_0027While we were downtown for lunch, the girls said, “There’s a man in a pink tutu!” When we turned around, we witnessed what we later found out was a bachelor party. It’s called enterrement de vie de garçon, which literally means “the funeral/burial of life as a boy.” This party of young men involved heavy drinking and various humiliation of the groom-to-be. Hilarious!!!

Never a dull moment…

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