Le Tourmania

The Tour de France is coming through our little Lalinde! The whole town is gearing up for about 15 minutes of excitement tomorrow afternoon! I took a little stroll around town this morning and tried to capture the mania. So fun!!!

Decorated bikes and flower garlands are everywhere around town.


A colorful one!


And yes, the Mairie (town hall) is in on the fun!


They’ll be coming across this bridge over the Dordogne River into Lalinde.


Here’s the route map for tomorrow, so we’ll see them when they have quite a few kilometers behind them!!!


A decroated bike in the window of our favorite cafe in town.


Another little bike smothered in plastic fête flowers.


So exciting, even our prehistoric cave animals are riding bikes! Such a great logo!


This guy will greet the riders after they cross the bridge.


Here’s another shot of the bicycle dude for size reference.


Decorated wheels are a lot easier to hang than the whole darned bike!


The fire breathing dragon sculpture in the bassin. He doesn’t seem to mind mother swan and the 4 juveniles!


The town bassin with a load of canoes, 3 boats with banners, a bienvenue sign, with the famously planted Lalinde bridge over the canal in the background. Our house is just over yonder hill.


Jazzed up bistro on the square. Our friend did the Lalinde logo and poster above the door.


My personal favorite…the polka dot girly bike!


Had to throw this pic in simply because this little sweetheart greeted me on a side street.


Our ‘shabby chic’ gate to the house awaiting the new iron one, with Cindy’s festive decorations (even though we’re not on the route).


And lastly, my decorated bike with overages from a neighboring town. Finished it with French flag colored flowers in the basket!



Waiting for the riders.

The entourage for the Tour de France was so impressive. The crowd was  excited and we cheered and waved crazily at every advertiser and team car that preceded the riders. We waited with baited breath at 4:30. They were running behind. Support cars and gendarmerie still coming through.

Excited for the race. See the big race dude in front of the church?

Then finally the church bells started ringing, cheering started, and we saw the leading two riders come around the corner after passing over the Dordogne bridge. Craziness ensued. The crowd was going wild. Then the pack of bicyclists came FLYING around the corner. We thought it was a good place to be, because they MUST slow down for the corner, right? Au contraire.


Then came the support vehicles. Wow.


Great event. There was a HUGE screen tv to watch the race, lots of food and drink, nice clouds, and enthusiasm galore. For two not-so-crazy-about-most-sports people, we sure did get caught up in the mania of it all! So fun!!!

Found a great parking place. Walked over “the bridge” planted with beautiful summer displays.

Come to find out, the bunch of canoes and kayaks in the bassin spelled out “LALINDE” for the helicopters taking live video!!!

Our five duckling orphans. I think they are left from the original 9. Mom has been gone for some time. They stick together and are holding firm.

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11 Responses to Le Tourmania

  1. Pat Calderhead says:

    That’s a lot of decor for 15 minutes but it sure brightens up the town. I love the decor by your house! Where will you be waiting for the grand event? I hope you have a good vantage point.

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      I know. It’s a really big deal. Don’t quite know where we’ll try to see the riders, but will have to just wing it. The decor is bicycle related, but this summer marks the 750th anniversary for Laliinde as well, so the decorating efforts will serve those celebrations too. Will post an update tomorrow. May be that we’ll just have some beers instead…

  2. Jan Adams says:

    Enjoy the day. I loved your photos and especially loved your own decor at the gate. The bike is also wonderful. Lalinde certainly looks festive. That’s a really big thing for a small town. Wish we could be there too. See you next year!!!!!!!!

  3. Bruce & Jan Adams says:

    Enjoy the day. I loved your photos and especially loved your own decor at the gate. The bike is also wonderful. Lalinde certainly looks festive. That’s a really big thing for a small town. Wish we could be there too. See you next year!!!!!!!!

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      Thought it best to “cover up” that gate. With all the improvements we’ve made, the first question out of neighbors’ mouths is, “When are you going to paint that gate?”!!!! Makes me laugh. Who knows when the new iron one will arrive, but we’re glad the metal worker triaged and got the spouts for the fountain finished first. Thanks for the note and I’ll look forward to your next visit!

  4. Maria and David Hayes says:

    Wonderful images! My fave is the cat. Anyhoo, trying to make me envious, are you?!
    I go through withdrawals every year when it’s over. Maybe on day we will be there when it comes around. Though, who knows when that will be.
    Besides, I am not watching the tour this season after that idiotic call by the IFC!!! Through out my man Sagan.

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      That kitty was so adorable. He wasn’t moving. As I was fiddling with my camera and trying to balance the red, white and blue fake flowers I had just bought to decorate my bike, he just sat there and seemed to be thinking, “I know I’m cute. I know you’re struggling. I’m not moving.” And that gate! Stunning!!! Excited for later today. Not only for the race, but it’s always fun to see friends and neighbors at these large events! Can hardly wait until you guys come for a visit. We will have a BLAST!!!

  5. Stewart Smith says:

    Very nice photos! It looks like everyone really supports the race which is fun involvement to take part in. Cheers!

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      It’s a real genuine small-town effort. And every tiny little town makes their own decorations. It’s just precious. We love being part of it and taking part in it. Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

  6. Roark Clayton says:

    The French word for beyond jealous is what I am feeling. You two are amazing. Keep it coming.

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      I warned everyone that the Tour was coming through town and we didn’t have ANY takers! SO. MUCH. FUN! The maison d’amis awaits…

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