Just a Bit of New Year Doggie Sweetness

Had to giggle when I took the tree down last week. After removing the white boas, there were lots of single little feathers throughout the tree and on the floor, just as though the little owls had actually been living in my tree! So sweet.
Then I’m systematically packing the decorations into a box like a Rubik’s Cube and Annie comes along, looks over the side of the box, and says, “Hey, THOSE aren’t STUFFED TOYS are they? You KNOW I just LOVE stuffed animals!” And proceeds to choose one of the soft owls from the box. She took it and schnoogled it until it was wet. The only thing missing is a squeaker (which I promptly ordered from Amazon).
Now she is adoring her new chouette friend (and posing on the ever-necessary pillow).
Now, the whole family loves owls!

Now, the whole family loves owls!

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2 Responses to Just a Bit of New Year Doggie Sweetness

  1. Chris Lane says:

    Annie is just gorgeous! Our kitties LOVE playing with the Xmas wrapping too!

  2. thecindy@mail.com says:

    Thanks. We agree. And she’s such a sweet girl. LOVES the kitties too!

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