We’re DOING it!!!

The site’s not perfect, but it’s time to start blogging.

We’ve made our minds up to become expats, Theo’s given his retirement notice at work, and now the countdown begins!

Many of you can’t believe we’re actually DOING this. But we ARE doing it. A good friend of ours said yesterday, “You’re just going to… get on a plane… and leave?” Like, how else is it done? His question made me giggle.

I think there are a lot of doubters among you because we’ve been out scouting for where we want to live for so long, but remember, we’re both Libras and we have to look at every logical angle before taking the leap. And that’s a good thing in our book.

And so the process begins. Welcome to our blog (well, probably mostly Cindy’s blog). Check in as little or as much as you like. And please keep in touch!!!

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