Grounded in Bad Breisig

Despite us worrying about them the whole flight, the dogs arrived safe and sound and, needless to say, were very happy to see us and be released from their confinement. We hired a porter at the airport to help us with the dogs, our mountain of luggage, and the search for a van taxi large enough for all of it. Worth every penny. (Had a mixup with Gerd who was supposed to pick us up at FRA and deliver us to the house in Bad Breisig. Oh well.)

Buzzed on the Rhine...

Buzzed on the Rhine…

And so starts our four week stay in our house in Bad Breisig, Germany (the rental in France starts August 15). Theo met with the buyer and notary to transact the sale of the house. All is going smoothly. We’ve been meeting with friends and drinking a lot of Kolsch on the Rhine. But it tastes SOOO good with the heat wave we’re experiencing.

So many little time... (our usual stroll path beside the Rhine just steps from the house)

So many trees…so little time… (our usual stroll path beside the Rhine just steps from the house)

It’s light until 10pm and oh-so-mild. It’s so nice to walk with the dogs along the Rhine so late into the evening. So much warmer than Aptos…just what the doctor ordered!!!

In case you’re wondering, this is our location in Germany for the time being. A delightful little tourist village right on the Rhine river. And our house is just a block from the Promenade. More pictures to follow…

Blue Dot near the center marks our location.

Blue Dot near the center marks our location.

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2 Responses to Grounded in Bad Breisig

  1. Susan and Stewart says:

    Susan’s ears picked up when I read her the part about Kolsch…..seems to be something I have missed in my life.
    Hope you are still having fun. Cheers!

  2. says:

    Oh, you’ve missed out. And as I’ve learned from Theo, “It’s like standing—you cannot stand on one leg…you need two!” And we’ve really been enjoying our afternoon Kolschs (would that be the plural?), while it’s still so local, fresh, and available! Wish you were here!!!

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