Going techno-crazy!

Thanks to all of you who have missed my posts. We’re fine and making glorious progress, but are technologically challenged at the moment. Here’s a little update (sans photos).

As scheduled, we moved into our guest house a few days before our deadline of July 1. The guys were able to get all the rooms painted, floors down where needed and the kitchen and bath installed. So we were up and running with more than a roof over our heads (if you know Theo, he doesn’t buy into my joking about us ‘glamping’ here (glamorous camping)…as his idea of camping is a Hilton!)

Anyway, we’re here without an internet connection, waiting on the French system to pull their heads out of you-know-where. We’ve been working on getting the internet installed for months now and have a final ultimatum that they’re actually going to have the paperwork done and show up to connect the line on August 17. It’s a date. On my calendar. I’m counting down…

In the meantime, we have a hotspot that works s-l-o-w-l-y for minimal contact with the world, but isn’t strong enough to upload photos. There’s really no good excuse why I haven’t lugged my laptop to a neighbor or a cafe with internet to post some blogs, but all I can say is, “I’ve been up to my eyeballs in alligators!” Life in the past month has been like building a house in fast forward. I can hardly step away without a question here, or a decision to be made there, not to mention keeping an eye on all that’s going on and making sure it’s right.

We’ve made super duper progress, but are a few weeks behind schedule. In France, August is the month for vacation. Our contractor and all the guys will take a couple of weeks off, our plumber is off, the pool guy is gone, the electrician is outta here, so we’re just planning to stay put in the guest house until every last thing is done. We’re so close right now, it’s tempting to start moving in, but I really want to be able to move in just once.

After next week, we’re looking forward to a couple weeks of peace and quiet and serenity. My new hammock is installed between two trees and I have some fiction to finish…

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4 Responses to Going techno-crazy!

  1. Paul says:

    Sooooooo close. The good news is that almost everyone takes off during the same time frame so when they do come back from holiday, everyone will be back on the job. Looking forward to that internet connection and some photos of the finished product.


  2. Cindy Loevenich says:

    Luckily, a few are staggered. The pool guy should get the liner in before he leaves, and the plumber has promised to come and do his installations in peace. Can hardly wait. But at the same time, know that waiting is best.

  3. Lucy Harendza says:

    Do not worry so about feeding the blog pipeline! We Yanks are tough and can take sacrifice! 🙂 (Actually thought you were taking some down time along with the rest of Europe!)

    Thanks for the progress update, Cindy. Looking forward to the next few chapters with eagerness!

    • thecindy@mail.com says:

      So funny how I worry about leaving the pipeline empty! Actually, the blog is as much a way to keep a diary for ourselves, as it is to let you all know what’s going on. So much progress. So excited to near the ‘end.’ Still thinking of tons of little projects for our contractor. Had him for dinner tonight and he couldn’t help but laugh at me for my nonstop creative project ideas. Am thinking I’ll need some clients soon…

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