For the Love of an Electric Coffee Grinder

We brought our left-over Costco coffee beans (please spare me any ‘And how heavy was your luggage?’ comments), but realized we had no way to grind them. So we settled for some pre-ground stuff that looked exotic and was the most expensive on the shelf thinking that would hold us over for Day 1. It was horrible.

That afternoon, we went shopping for an electric grinder. Not so fast. We asked…they looked at us cross-eyed. We even went to the gourmet shop downtown and they had a hokey hand grinder for €30 and a GORGEOUS top of the line Zaggenhaus for €110 (it would match my over-priced, but coveted, S&P grinders that I bought there last fall!) Yikes! But I don’t want to hand grind my coffee every morning. Our shopping for one would have to wait for a visit to a larger town.

imageSo next morning, I’m thinking, this cute little Kaffee grinder attached to some wood on the wall looks like it could work. I fill it with my ‘secret’ mix of half Starbucks French Roast and half Kirkland Columbian Supremo and start grinding. I rotate the handle and it begins to produce the perfect grind for our drip coffee maker. I grind and I grind. I grind some more and the little glass cup that catches the grinds is half full (realizing that I’ll need about 3 of them full!). I continue to grind until I work up a sweat and my arm feels like falling off. Theo comes in and asks what I’m doing. I proclaim that I’m not sacrificing my morning ritual to the horrible crap we had yesterday imagefrom the store—I was going to ‘grind my own.’ He says, “You know, that’s my mother’s idea of an antique decoration.” I convince him to attach his arm to the damned thing and start grinding. Finally, we (the Loevenich and Loevenich grinding team) come up with enough coffee for a pot. And it was delicious.

So this morning, I know that I have the ever-faithful ‘wall mount’ if everything else fails. But yesterday Theo had mentioned that maybe we could select a different grinder from the antique collection on top of the cupboards. So I select this one with a grinder on the top. Theo imagehad mentioned that he remembered his grandfather sitting with this thing between his legs, grinding like a mad man! And so I’m in the kitchen at 4:30 in the morning (jet lag, you know), with the beast between my legs, filled with my favorite mix of beans, grinding away. Again, it was delicious.

Today we were able to hunt down a grinder, in between used car lots (the story of our hunt for the perfect vehicle is a whole story on it’s own!) We found one electric grinder. I liked it. We bought it. It was expensive, but it should last us a while. And it has controls that produce grinds from espresso to drip to press. You’ll find that I LOVE gadgets… Yeah!

imageAh, the little things in life. Who thought I’d be so happy to have a little appliance that I’ve always taken so much for granted? As my friend who was brave enough to join us on the car hunt today said, “This is not America. This is Germany.” And this is exactly the kind of experience we enjoy living.

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11 Responses to For the Love of an Electric Coffee Grinder

  1. Bettina says:

    Where’s the LIKE button on this thing?!? We Americans (that you left behind in the U.S. of A.) like things fast, quick, easy-in, easy-out, chop chop!! LOL

    LOVE the pic, and your sharing. I am already getting such kick out of your journals, Cindy. Writing is one more thing to add to the list of things you are good at. 🙂

    BTW, My Mama is from Holland and has both of those grinders. And we have used them both! The small mill with the drawer still sits in her house, and has been used when her electric konked out.

    Keep the posts coming. <3

    • says:

      Haha! There are still two more on top of the cupboard, but I don’t think I’m going to try them out. Will definitely keep them for display though. Or for the day when the power goes out and we have to use the French Press!!! Thanks for the comments. It’s helps me stay sane!

  2. Lucy Harendza says:

    Oh my! I was on the ground LMAO for what seems hours – your story, Cindy, is that funny! And I just love the picture of you grindin’ away! Seems like this could be the start of a very innovative exercise program. You did want to lose a few pounds, right? 🙂

    Keep the hilarity coming! -Lucy

    • says:

      This was a silly, fun one to write. Thinking what to write about makes me more aware. And I’ve wanted to get back to being more aware. It brings happiness.

  3. Tracy says:

    I was about to get Tyler in the car and go to CostCo and find you a new grinder! Glad you were successful!

    • says:

      That is SO sweet! We did find some civilization and are now enjoying some great java! We’ll probably have a request or two for things to bring (and there might be an orange purse in it for someone special!!!???)

  4. Alida Stevens says:

    If you ever decide to go semstrical, I still have my grandmother’s Kaffe grinder that matches your first one.

  5. Alida Stevens says:

    If you ever decide to go symetrical, I still have my grandmother’s Kaffe grinder that matches your first one.

  6. Susan and Stewart says:

    Remember electric appliances from US of A requires an inverter….sounds like the perfect car is going to be a pick up truck! Cheers

  7. says:

    So good to hear from you guys. I bought some coverters before leaving home for the few electrical devices we decided to bring (one being my sewing machine and the other, our cordless drill). That way, we’ll have the step-up/step-down capability when we visit the US too!

    A pick-up might be in our future…I’m thinking more in terms of a delivery truck kind of thing…for all those flea market finds. But a pick-up has more vertical space for transporting those really large items…hmmm. Stewart, you are trouble for Theo!!!

  8. Anna says:

    Ha-ha-ha! I love this one! Especially part where Theo says “it’s a decoration piece”. You know, besides other numerous talents you have, you also have a real writer talent. Your stories are fun to read. Thank you.

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