Disappointing Finishing Touches

Just a little rant today. FINALLY got the delivery notice that my nightstands for the bedroom were coming.

The mysterious commodes for the master bedroom nightstands…

I ordered them in mid-November. Been patiently waiting since the promised delivery date of 31 March. Well the delivery guys showed up with one, and only one, today. After unpacking it from it’s very fine box, I inspected it and found multiple deep scratches on both sides of the commode. Mustering together our finest French, we decided to REFUSE the shipment and sent it back. Argh!!! So now we wait to hear from the retailer…will they refund our money (unlikely) or simply give us store credit (likely)? Grrr!!!

My theory is that they didn’t have the TWO we ordered, so they sent the ONE they had, regardless of condition. Very disappointed, but I’m not reordering these. And so the search goes on. Maybe we’ll just keep the smaller antique commodes we have now—they’re both nice, but not quite the same height. Was so looking forward to proceeding with picking some table lamps once the side tables were in place, but guess I’ll put everything on hold until the headboard is upholstered (that project is slated to begin in about a week—yehaa!)

Stay tuned for the eventual big reveal…


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