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I promised to bring you along on my Magical Mystery Design Tour and offer a glance inside my process. Now, after looking at thousands, probably more like tens of thousands, well maybe a million different items online (in French), I’ve pulled together my room boards. Of course, rooms will contain smaller items we brought from America and a few pieces that we brought from Theo’s parents house in Germany. Some new items are already purchased. Others are probably just a pipe dream. Each room board is still missing elements, but this gives an initial idea of my design direction for the house. It will be interesting to compare these with the ‘final’ product…

I’ve spoken with a few of you about how this house has baffled me, design-wise. Usually I walk into a house, it speaks to me, and I instantly know what I want to do with it. This one was an enigma for some time. I am grateful that the sales process here took so blasted long—it gave me time to process, to hang out in the house, to collect ideas and sources, and try to grasp it’s mojo. And one day it came to me—I was so relieved. I think I was fighting myself to make it a fairly “French” house. I certainly didn’t want a home that looked like it fell out of “Vintage French Design” magazine, but wasn’t prepared to try and marry modern with the architecture either. We’re eclectic folks who certainly enjoy a few good antiques, a little bit of contemporary, some oddball things, lots of color, great dimmable lighting, and most of all, comfort. (I was going to do an entire post on my lighting choices because that’s such a huge part of any design, but I’ll spare you the agony!) I love the use of classic shapes with modern materials. The unexpected. We’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s been an interesting process so far. Sometimes I feel like I’m riding one of those mechanical bulls: In control to begin with, then suddenly completely out of control, bumping around in every direction, to getting into the rhythm and taming the beast a bit, just to be jerked around again, all the while knowing that it will be a lasting memory, but at the same time realizing the experience will soon be over.

And so, on with the ‘shoew.’

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2 Responses to Design 101

  1. Lucy Harendza says:

    Wow! I love every room you’ve described in your room boards, Cindy! Spectacular! A girlfriend of mine recently remodeled her house in the yellow, gray and blue colors you chose. Gorgeous! You did good here. 🙂 Can’t wait to see all of it in 3D.

    Forge ahead!

  2. Maureen Denton says:

    Cindy, please resend – I could not open your photos – loved seeing Theo but missed seeing you and your beautiful energy!

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