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Please contact us with comments and questions at:

My French cell phone number is: +33 6 30 71 05 51.

Our mailing address is: Le Coudeau, 24150 Lalinde, France.

5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Matthew Gardner says:

    Merry Christmas! I thought I’d signed up for your blog but guess not. Can you add me to your list? Loving reading about your adventures!


  2. Jan and Bruce Adams says:

    We’re thinking about coming to Europe in October. We’ll have questions as the time gets closer. We look forward to seeing you and get in contact.
    Bruce and Jan Adams

    • says:

      Sorry for the slow reply. We’d love to see you in October. It’s a gorgeous time to visit! Just send questions as they come up. Looking forward…

  3. David Hayes says:

    Hey Cindy, is Theo in CA?
    ‘Known he’s busy,
    Pls. Have him ring me, don’t want to miss him!
    I’ll come to wherever he is.
    (415) 652-3496

    • says:

      Hi David. I think he blew it this trip. He was little Mr. Social the whole time and was based right down the street from your remodel. He’s been home for a week now and when Theo has jet lag, we ALL have jet lag. Ha! We’ll call again and have to keep in touch that way for now. So sorry. I know he wanted to catch up.

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