Blaye on the Estuary

Last year when we were touring southwest France, we didn’t make it over to the Gironde Estuary, which is a huge meeting of the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers just downstream from the centre of Bordeaux.france_villes_blaye

Garonne Estuary

Gironde Estuary

Flowing into the Atlantic and the largest estuary in western Europe, it includes an archipelago of nine islands and is subject to very strong tides. We had to go for a visit to evaluate it as an area to live in.


Citadelle de Blaye

After house-hunting, we drove into Blaye and enjoyed walking through the Citadelle de Blaye, which was originally a medieval walled city that became a citadel in the 17th century and was a military outpost. Interestingly, the civilian population retreated to areas outside the walls.

Moat outside the Citadelle.

Enormous moats surrounding the Citadelle, which were a deadly trap for assailants.

This drawbridge leads to the gate of entry elegantly decorated with the royal coats-of-arms.

Had an AMAZING lunch inside the walled city. You know I don’t usually photograph food, but this appetizer was so beautiful and delicious and French, I couldn’t stand it!

Amazing starter of herring tartar, garlic infused potatoes on a parsley cream. Oh my...

Amazing starter of herring tartar, garlic infused potatoes on a parsley cream. Oh my…

Inside the Citadelle

Worth a visit, many artist studios inside the Citadelle.

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2 Responses to Blaye on the Estuary

  1. Anne Sherwood says:

    Incredible food…why don’t I think of those combinations! Ha! Ha!
    Ray and I spent all day–yes, 12 hours–at the Monterey Jazz Festival yesterday in the
    85 degree heat! The music was sublime, the crowd mellow, and we throughly enjoyed it.
    However, if we go again, we’ll not bite off such a large chunk!! And hope those ocean breezes cool things off!

    Your photos are dreamy, but this town looks a bit quiet for you two!!! But I realize
    we’re not seeing the village, but some of her historic sites….

  2. Cindy Loevenich says:

    Ah, I remember years at the Monterey Jazz Festival and always prayed for overcast (and mostly got it!). Festivals in the heat are another matter, but hope you found some shade or had a fat-rimmed hat! Love the way you guys get out and about and grab life by the horns too!

    I don’t think Blaye is the area for us. The estuary is very muddy and the tides are really hard for me to get used to, being a ‘left-coast’ girl. But we do love exploring.

    And action is not exactly why we’ve chosen southwest France. The pace here is slow, easy, and simple. We stopped yesterday afternoon and had a drink in the Lalinde central square and we commented to the owner that the nice weather yesterday must be good for business. She replied, “Yes, but it’s even better for a good life.” This attitude is pervasive here. Ahhh…

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