Autumn is in the Air

Our first freeze is behind us, and although it’s been followed by some lovely days, the work of pulling up the annuals and cutting back and mulching the perennials is in full swing. I’m still collecting fallen leaves for the compost pile, and our resident deer have been feasting on the last apples falling from the trees. Busy, busy in the garden these days, but love the autumn atmosphere and colors.

What a little trooper.

The pool has been buttoned up until spring, the reality of actually installing all the weather stripping I have bought is sinking in, and day-after-day the onslaught of comfort food—can you say Shepherd’s Pie after the Leg of Lamb, Chili Con Carne, Baked Ziti, Apple Tarts, Italian White Bean Soup, and the wonderful warmth of Mexican Albondigas Soup—maintains our Rubenesque figures!!!


The mighty cranes (Grue Cendrée) have passed over, chatting in their raucous way, on their way to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, signaling that winter is near. Always enjoy, and feel blessed by, being under their flight path.

Have been busy keeping in touch with local friends, and enjoy sharing good food and wine with lots of laughs around the table and the fireplace. Always a lot of fun trying out new recipes on our guests…no failures so far! If only they knew!!!

Had a busy week with lots of activity here at Le Coudeau. We FINALLY got rid of the pole lanterns that were around the house when we bought it. Had considered reusing them in the garden, but the thought of trenching for the electrical and installing something I never liked to begin with just made no sense. So they have been sold and picked up and now I can blow the leaves from where they’ve been laying for months! Speaking of blowing, Theo bought me a new toy—a gas powered backpack leaf blower (Mario would be so proud of me!!!) Theo likes to BUY things for ME to use. Go figure… 🤪

Pretty cute model I found to help market these, huh?

We also had an antique bibliotheque delivered for my studio. The last boxes to finally unpack are all books from my design library. Tomorrow I will tackle moving some boxes and start to organize the contents of my latest furniture acquisition. I get more and more excited as my studio starts coming together. Not really planning to work any more, just keep the books for inspiration and have the studio as my “Chick Cave” to do my thing.

Great storage for my STUFF!

The other really, really exciting thing that was delivered this week are the two club chairs that I had reupholstered and complete our seating arrangement around the fireplace. These quality chairs came from Theo’s parents’ house in Germany and now they have a new lease on life,while bringing some sassy pattern to our living room. They really brighten things up in here. Now waiting for my new rug… and am on the hunt for a side table… and a new console table because I moved some things around… and now I think I want to paint some pieces… it never ends with me…

Old chairs brought back to life.

We’re also working (well, I’m working) on the details of the itinerary for a 6-week road trip we have planned for mid-January to the end of February. Traveling south to the northern coast of Spain, then down the western coast of Portugal, across the Algarve, to Seville and Marbella in southern Spain, then up to see friends on the Mediterranean side of Spain, and home through Barcelona and Toulouse. Whew.

Sneak Peek for 2018 Road Trip

Anyhoo, just catching up with what’s what around here. Hope each of you is safe and sound. Life Is Good.


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6 Responses to Autumn is in the Air

  1. P & P Louvel says:

    And no Rebelos (Portugal) on your map my dearest?

  2. Dagmar Göllner says:

    Dear Cindy, thank you so much for your excellent and warmful report. I really enjoy be somewhat “involved” in your wonderful home, all the improvements, all the changements in your exciting live. A lot of work to be done by one person, and that is you. Theo will not change being an excellent manager watching the work done by his beautiful wife.

  3. Paul says:

    It’s always great to read your updates. I have to admit the designer in you shows in everything. I’ve seen so many things that “had to go” and thought “hey, I kind of like that”. Theo is looking pretty healthy, in fact in that photo it looks like he just grabbed those poles and in a Hulk-like move just pulled them up concrete base and all. I had to laugh at your leaf blower comment, Theo is so thoughtful always looking for ways to make your life easier. Your comfort food list sounds delish, I have to admit our weather is changing and I made a big pot of bean soup as well. Bunker down and enjoy the winter weather, I know you have plenty of projects to keep you entertained.


    • says:

      Thanks, Paul. Good to hear from you too. I think Theo was secretly wishing someone would notice his Hulk-ness (even though truth is, he just stood there and balanced them while I hoisted them upright!!!) 😂😂😂 Yep, Theo really likes to BUY the toys. For ME to use. I now also have a chop saw with stand that I need to find the instructions for. Have lots of projects to use if for, but need to FIGURE IT OUT first!!! Yikes! Now I need to concoct a way for him to think it’s his idea for me to have a compressor and appropriate fittings, as he’s fighting me on that one so far!!! Go figure!!! After stuffing ourselves with all this fattening food, I enjoy nightly fires and Theo retreats to his Salon Bleu, aka Man Cave, for video viewing pleasure. Hugs back at ya! Cindy

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