A little late, but wanted to commemorate this visit…

Had a delightful two weeks with our friends from Bad Breisig, Germany on their way home from holiday in northern Spain. They day-tripped almost every day, helped with cooking and clean-up (and purchasing), and were the all-around perfect guests. Had tons of laughs, ate way too much, and saw some sites with them. What more could we ask for???

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2 Responses to A little late, but wanted to commemorate this visit…

  1. Sybille & Wolfgang says:

    Hallo Cindy, hallo Theo,
    hallo Annie, hallo Alfi,
    ein wunderbarer Bericht. Er gibt natürlich unsere herrliche gemeinsame Zeit wieder.
    Tolle Fotos mit schönen Kommentaren. Wir schwelgen in Erinnerungen…
    Freuen uns auf weitere Infos von euch.
    LG Sybille und Musjö Aujus

  2. thecindy@mail.com says:

    Monsieur Thêo liebt M. Aujus’ francoisiche nhame…

    Thanks so much for the great time. Missing you!


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